100 Percent Confirmed: Storm Chasers Cancelled By Discovery

It is now pretty much 100 hundred percent confirmed that Storm Chasers has been cancelled by Discovery Channel and a new season will not be produced.  Here are the facts.  

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What Happened Earlier….

So there’s been more issues about this than what it first seems when I posted it, meaning this may have been a mistake of mine.  It is not confirmed.  I was first tipped off by someone who emailed me.  I did some looking around online and noticed Jesse Ferrell of Accuweather asking it, and a few others making comments about it.  There were also several people who are known close friends of those involved in the show.  I then saw a link to the video on the Storm Chasers wikiedia page citing it as the source that it was cancelled, and someone linked to that same video on StormChasers citing it as a cancellation when Jesse Ferrel of Accuweather announced it.  In an effort to be the awesome man breaking some news I got made into a moron by myself, it was nowhere in the video.  I apologize about that.  I believed wikipedia like a moron… should of learned better in class.  I personally however undid the edit that put the cancellation on wikipedia.

Why No Official Comment From Reed or Others

They are likely not able to comment due to a contact with Discovery Channel.  I’m guessing Sean Casey’s wife Jennifer Casey accidently posted that publicly and got a quick reminder.  I would not expect a confirmation from them until Discovery Communications announces it.

Why The Drama

Much like the Show the Storm Chasing Community has become sadly infused with Drama.  Many veteran chasers are very happy to see the show go do to the drama of the show as well as untrained chasers causing problems in the field.  Die hard fans of the show are so upset that there is no official announcement that they attack everything that seems to point to the facts – Storm Chasers is indeed cancelled and will not be on next season.

Should Discovery or Reed Timmer respond to my request for comment I will fill you in.