AccuWeather 21 Day Forecast Trial

So I’ve read about a few meteorologists getting upset about AccuWeather’s supposedly crap 21 day forecast and I decided to try it out.  Many meterologists believe forecasting outside of the five to seven day range is almost impossible due to constant changes and the forecast models just are not good enough yet.  I decided I was going to give it a try.

As I have said before April 28th is my Birthday and I need to make plans for my birthday.  The current AccuWeather forecast for April 28th is a high of 66 and partly cloudly.  There will be no precipitation that day and winds will be from the West North West at 6mph gusting to 13mph.

Should I trust AccuWeather’s forecast or should I wait a while?  I’ll be sure to post a follow up with the actual observations.

As of April 10th…

AccuWeather 21 Day Forecast

AccuWeather 21 Day Forecast, click to enlarge

As Of April 12th…

As of April 12th there already have been some big changes, and even some confusing changes.  AccuWeather is now saying their is a high of 71 and Sunny, with the same low temperature for the evening at 48 degrees.  The confusing part comes that they are now listing a 24% of thunderstorms but there is no precipitation listed at all.  Dry thunderstorms?

The AccuWeather 21 Day Forecast for April 28th... Updated April 12th Click to enlarge