Large Tornado near Edgewater Florida

This video just came online of a large tornado near the town of Edgewater Florida on December 10th 2012.  There is not much information yet on the tornado, but here is the video.

We will update page as more becomes available on the tornado near Edgewater.  This is believed to be over Indian River.

One thought on “Large Tornado near Edgewater Florida”

  1. It is not unusual for tornadoes to occur in December, nor is it unusual for them to occur in Florida. In fact this is a good time of year for Florida to get tornadoes because during the winter time the jet stream moves southward towards the Gulf coast intense canadian cold air flows south with it and with the warm subtropical air over Florida all combine for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The jet stream is also stronger during the winter time than during other times of the year adding to the wind shear.