Remembering Stormchaser Andy Gabrielson

andy gabrilesonStorm Chaser Andy Gabrielson passed away February 4th 2012 returning home from a Storm Chase when he was hit by a drunk driver driving the wrong way on a freeway.  Gabrielson was 24 and left behind a three year old daughter.  The death of Andy Gabrielson shook the Storm Chasing community as a whole.  Many Storm Chasers traveled to his home town for the funeral, and hundreds of chasers created an online candlelight vigil using their GPS Beacon’s to form the letters AG on a map.  

andy gabrielson storm chaser spotter network initials

Andy Gabrielson’s Initials on Spotter Network (click to enlarge)

Shorty Award #Weather Winner

The Storm Chasing community nominated Andy Gabrileson for the 2012 Shorty Award after he was hit by a drunk driver.

Andy Gabrielson Tribute Video

Kory Hartman created this touching video tribute to Andy Gabrielson that was played at his funeral.

The best sum up of Andy Gabrileson’s storm chasing skills was done by Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel 2 days before Andy Passed Away

@ @ @ trust me if there is a tornado Andy will get it!
Jim Cantore