Stupid Chaser Drives into Wichita Kansas Tornado

Everyone knew there would be one or two stupid chasers yesterday and yesterday was no exception.  The chasers from SWATChasers put themselves and others in danger driving into the April 14th 2012 Wichita Kansas tornado in their 2010 Toyota Highlander.  In their own words it lifted their vehicle off the ground.  Note much more to say other then these chasers are stupid and their blinky lights they have flashing will not scare this or any other tornado away.

And yes I said they put others in danger.  Their actions could of made for a 2010 Toyota tornado toy that could of been thrown at someones bedroom.  If they were injured, mangled, or dead  it would of distracted search and rescuers from helping others in the area possibly resulting in the deaths of others who did not choose to drive into a tornado.  Hopefully these dumb wannabe chasers from SWATChasers learned… and others learn from them.  Don’t be stupid.

They drive into the tornado near the 7 minute mark in the video.

UPDATE: Fire Rescue Efforts Inhibited By Tornado Chasers

This post in the comments section illustrates the exact problem with the chaser attitude.

We were running on people trapped in a house & a white van from Colorado with a storm chasing tour was blocking the road & actually argued with us that he had paying people with him & he would move as soon as everyone got there photos

I was listening to the radio Friday night & just on the Fire dept radio heard three radio transmissions of chasers impeding there rescue efforts.

Screen Capture of Comment by Firefighter - click to enlarge

Other Chasers: SWATChasers “vid sucks”

Reputable Storm Chasers Tornado Titans let their thoughts be known on the SWAT Chasers video.

Dear Storm Chasers: actually getting inside of a tornado results in horrible video. You risked everything for crappy video congrats. #darwin
Tornado Titans
@ Inexperience is definitely no excuse for sure, too much inexperience getting too close. Most of the time their vid sucks too.
Tornado Titans