The Problems in Storm Chasing

There are significant problems in the Storm Chasing Community – and I don’t think anyone is arguing that other than the people that don’t really pay attention to whats going on.  The bigger problem is what should be done to rectify the problem in a fair manner, and what should be done about those that continue to put themselves and others at risk.There are chasers who are doing really stupid things driving into tornado’s with vehicles that are not fitted for it.  There are chasers who are stealing other chasers photographs claiming there his own.   There are chasers who operate unlicensed remote control aircraft drones illegally for commercial purposes.  There are chasers who are getting in the way of first responders.

Many of the chasers who claim they are more experienced are blaming the locals who are just rubberneckers.  The problem is chasers are rubber neckers as well and there really is no distinction between a chaser and a rubber necker.  The other problem is unless something is done there will be significant lives lost due to chasers activities during a tornado strike.

Chasers were mad at the Kansas Highway Patrol for blocking their access to roads near a tornadoes path claiming it violated their liberties to get closer to the tornado, when roads were not blocked chasers accidentally (but by making a series of stupid choices such as chasing at night, in a urban area, and without radar data) drove right into a tornado putting their lives and others in the area at risk.  Yes I’m saying others because if there injured it stops rescuers from assisting other victims who didn’t drive into the tornado, and their vehicle can easily become a flying projectile.

Yes there are serious problems in the storm chasing community.  The truth is it does not matter if it’s an experienced storm chaser or someone just starting it out still reflects on the community.  The fact is that these stupid behaviors by storm chasers will cost lives eventually either directly by them driving like fools, driving into a tornado, or indirectly by hindering rescuers or themselves needing rescue and stopping rescuers from rescuing others.

This is going to be a hard problem to solve, but it is a problem.  What do you suggest should be done to solve the problem?  What should be done to those that repeatedly put themselves and others at significant risk in stupid situations?  My opinion is if your putting yourself in danger, your also putting others in danger because you have just added to the list of people needing medical attention in a community overwhelmed by a tornado and are now part of the problem.