Tim Samaras Confirms Storm Chasers Cancelled

Tim Samaras of the TWISTEX team in the last hour released a statement confirming the cancellation of Storm Chasers by Discovery Channel.  This matches a statement Reed Timmer made to someone at the American Meteorological Society conference which Reed Timmer later denied and pretty much threatened me if I did not delete.    So for all those fans that are holding out to a bit of hope that Storm Chasers was not cancelled, heres the statement made by Tim Samaras

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Tim Samars Confirms (click to enlarge)

Being with Discovery has been an incredible experience. Did you know that Discovery is one of the top 100 places to work? My highlight of being with Discovery is when they asked me to volunteer for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ back in the Fall. There is incredible talent and incredible employees that I’ve met during my ‘tenure’ at Discovery. This is a company that really cares for it’s employees.

Alas, they have to answer to their shareholders regarding the ratings for their shows they produce. They have to make tough decisions on what shows stay, and shows that have to go. Storm Chasers was a VERY expensive show to put on, and quite frankly, the overall population didn’t grasp ‘Storm Chasers’ as a top show anymore-to be displaced by ‘Gold Rush’, ‘Sons of Guns’, and others. As ‘weather weenies’ we think this is an injustice, but in reality–it’s not a big deal to the general population–most folks don’t really care about tornadoes unless it affects them directly. Ratings suggested that the midwest absolutely loved the show, but both coasts(population that drives ratings) really didn’t care.

There was a production change right in the middle of the show sometime in early May that had affected the show big-time. Personally, I feel the fate of the show was decided last May. There was no advertising, no promotion(Reed didn’t go on his promotional road trip), and we wound up with the Sunday slot–competing against Sunday Night Football. We were on Wednesday night a year ago. Why?

I won’t comment on the editorial content, as nearly 100% of the viewers have commented accurately. Far too many ‘creative liberties’ were allowed.

I will comment that TWISTEX–despite the commentator’s narration on the final episode–was NOT a failure.

One will never know where myself, Reed and Sean will appear once again. I will say that it was an absolute pleasure to be featured in the show along with such great talent.

Thank you Discovery for three incredible years.

Tim Samaras

For those interested the costs of Storm Chasers Season 2 DVDStorm Chasers Season 3 DVD, and the special Storm Chasers: Greatest Storms significantly dropped in the last few days.