Tornado Count Remains Low for 2012

The National Weather Service just released a new graph with this years updated tornado count compared to prior years.   As you can see we may very well be at a record low for tornadoes this year.  Currently we have 885 confirmed tornadoes in 2012 – with the record low tornadoes for a year being set at 944.  Storm Chasers are feeling the drought of severe weather, and the weather channel is being forced to name winter storms to try and increase its ratings.

Hopefully next year sees a more active year, with large wedge tornadoes in the middle of nowhere hurting nothing.

Even storm chasers are starting to get upset….

A drought only a storm chaser could hate. @ details the U.S. #tornado drought continuing into July:
Jonathan Erdman
#Drought Curtails Tornadoes / Without Thunderstorms, the Number of Twisters Plunges; Storm Chasers Lament
Kate Galbraith