GREarth For Sale Starting April 16

Gibson Ridge, the makers of GREarth has announced a partnership with AllisonHouse providers of aggravated weather data that almost never fails to start the subscription sale of GREarth starting April 16th.  According to to sources GREarth’s owners forums had a message posted in the last few days and Allison House confirmed it yesterday on their facebook page.

From the GRLevelX Owners Forum:

On Monday, April 16, 2012, will take over the data and subscription management of the GREarth system. The data will be generated on and delivered by’s servers. The GRS GREarth servers will be phased out once everyone has transferred over to

Current users will be automatically transferred over. Due to privacy concerns, I will only transmit to the bare minimum amount of information required: your email address, ClientID, and expiration date. That will allow to get you into their subscription system. You should receive a “Welcome to” email with further instructions.

New users will go through to sign up for GREarth.

Support for GREarth itself (feature requests, bug reports, etc.) will remain in the GREarth section of the Owner forums. Issues related to subscriptions and data outages will be handled through the support system.

Once the new GREarth system is operational, GREarth version 2.00 will be released. It will poll for data from the new servers. Users should switch to version 2.00 immediately after it is released. Please monitor the GREarth News section of the forum for information on 2.00.

From the Allison House Facebook Page:


Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Come here a second.

Can you keep a secret? Good.

Listen…I just got wind of something going down at AllisonHouse. Yeah, you know, those weather geeks over there? Yeah, it’s gonna be big, and the boss says we all need to get in on this.

What is it? Well, here’s the problem, see. I can’t exactly say what it is or I’ll get into trouble with the bossman. But…I can give three hints as to what it is. Ready? Listen close.

First: The backlog will be annhilated, immediately, on April 16th.

And the second is this: the software is version 2.0 with amazing new stuff. No, no, no…it’s not GR3, but that’s coming. Nice guess.

But, here’s your third clue: this software is out of this world. Or shall I say…



What is GREarth?

For more on what GREarth is and what the capabilities lets go to Beau Dodson’s video.

How Much will GREarth Cost?

GREarth will be available on a subscription basis for $180 for 12 months.

Where Can You Get GREarth?

GREarth will be available for purchase starting April 16th from Allison House on a subscription basis.

Will Gibson Ridge Still Own GREarth?

Gibson Ridge will maintain ownership and continue to program GREarth.  Allison House will just be handling subscriptions and data.

What About the GREarth Backlog for New Users?

The backlog will become non existent April 16th and new users can sign up as soon as Allison House flips the switch!