Woodward OK Tornado Damage

The town of Woodward Oklahoma was hit by a deadly and devastating tornado in the early morning hours of April 15 2012 – just hours after the April 14 2012 tornado rampage ended.  There are reports of many injuries and five deaths with two of those being children.  Woodward Oklahoma was just hit by another tornado on April 9th 2012 as well.  The April 9th storm had baseball sized hail embedded in it.

Video of Woodward OK Tornado as hit hits

Injuries and Death in Woodward OK from Tornado

According to reports from Woodward Oklahoma two people southwest of Woodward near the Tangier Blacktop area were killed by the tornado along with two children in the Hideaway Trailer Park and one other person. A large number of injuries were also reported throughout the Woodward Oklahoma area due to the tornado.

Woodward Oklahoma Damage, Injuries and Fatalities

Per Woodward Oklahoma Emergency Management the following are the damage, injury and death estimates from the Woodward April 14 2012 tornado:

  • 89 Homes destroyed
  • 13 Businesses Destroyed
  • 29 Injured
  • 5 Dead

Woodward Oklahoma Tornado Damage

There is widespread damage throughout Woodward due the the tornado that struck the town.  Below is some of the damage from the Woodward Oklahoma tornado that occurred in the late evening hours of April 14 2012 and early morning hours of April 15 2012.  You can click each image to enlarge it.

Video of Tornado Damage in Woodward Oklahoma

Below is video of the tornado damage that occured to Woodward Oklahoma during the April 14th and 15th 2012 tornado.